Learn how to Build Water Rockets

This updated site was ported over March 6, 2016 from original site.  This “Water Rockets” section of this web site is actively in the process of being updated. Visit often, as this section grows, and learn more about building water rockets.

After building hundreds of rockets, being the experimenter, I’ve learned some really excellent techniques for building successful high flying water rockets.  


Please enjoy the below PDF as my gift to you future water rocket enthusiast. Following the tips in this guide will help you fabricate the best flying 2 liter water rockets possible.  ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MY FAVORITE WATER ROCKET CONSTRUCTION


All water rockets construction tips will use 2 liter bottles. Be sure to read the above PDF “The Illustrated Guide to my Favorite Water Rocket Construction” to have a base understanding to bottle construction, which will help in below examples.

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