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designs now available!

NEW in August 2017, the "BIGFOOT 9000", a quick Multi-Angle version. 

“Quality & Safety is Priority”

2 liter water rockets launched from a Bigfoot Water Rocket Launcher accelerate to an impressive 125 mph in 1/3 second and travel 500 feet straight up vertical, or 800 feet when launched at 45 degree angle.

Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers can launch rockets at any angle, from vertical to horizontal (for soda bottle race cars).  However, the new BIGFOOT 9000 model is made specifically for QUICK and CONVENIENT multi-angle adjustments (from 90 to 0 degrees). Elevation angles are displayed in 1 degree increments.  This new launcher will soon be added to this website & store.  If interested, please  send email expressing interest.

GOOD NEWS - The Multi-Angle Adjustment Attachment package can be retro-fitted on all existing Bigfoot Launchers. Upgrade your existing Bigfoot Launcher for $150 & shipping (+Florida Tax for Florida residents). If interested, please email expressing interest.

For preview, see some recently posted photos and videos at BIGFOOT 9000. For some videos of rockets being launched go here

Well-designed and versatile, this new launcher is the outcome of 20 years of listening to customers with a wide range of demands.  Precision machined to exact specifications. Built to last. 15 each solid brass fittings and components.


Why Launch Water Rockets?  Studying Rocket Simulation creates interest in mathematics, physics and science. It teaches numerous creative construction techniques, such as properly cutting materials (bottles & fins), and using adhesives. Learn what water rocket construction  techniques make rockets fly faster and farther.  Water Rockets are fun, educational, and inexpensive. They are made from recycled plastic soda bottles. The fins are cut from recycled corrigated plastic sign board.

Instant feedback determines what works and what fails. This process of discovery provides, in Richard Feynman's words, "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.” (link). 

What are Water Rockets?
Soda bottles (typically 2 liter size) are modified by adding a nose cone and rocket fins.  The rockets are mounted and latched on a water rocket launcher. Main bottle, called the booster, is filled about 1/3 full with water, then pressurised with air to maximum 100 psi (using floor air pump or compressor). 

Who buys Water Rocket Launchers? Exceptional for elementary school students through university levels, Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers are suitable for individuals, institutions, and corporations. Bigfoot Water Rocket Launchers are used by Science Olympiad competitors, summer camps, church groups, YMCA, YWCA, Boy Scouts, elementary and high schools, and major research universities. Spectators and participants all love watching water rockets blast off into the sky!
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